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Application Fields

Our rubber compounds are made to be used in various application fields, like conveyor belts production, technical items moulding, passenger car, earth moving and truck tires retreading, rubber compound for solid tires production.

We produce rubber compounds for technical items with many different application:

  • Abrasion resistant items.
  • Aging resistant items.
  • Conveyor belts.
  • Rubber seals.
  • Rubber junction.
  • Automotive and retreading.

These are just some of our most successful field.

We also produce car and motorbike mats, completely Made in Italy guaranteed and suitable for every kind of vehicle.

Our plant is located inside an area strongly related to agriculture and land care.

CENTER GOMMA produces polypropylene twine for hay packers and expandable film for fodder conservation.

A special attention has been given to logistics to which CENTER GOMMA has addressed its first patent ECO RUBBER PALLET.

With its unique characteristics, ECORUBBER PALLET is a brand new solution to deal with logistics and storage activities.