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For over 30 years, led by the will of improving ourselves and guaranteeing a high quality product at competitive prices, CENTER GOMMA has been setting the standard in rubber compound field, both in National and International market.

Product care and a continuous research of improvement are the key words for our company, that since the very beginning has been able to cover a relevant position within National market.

In the time, our production has been developing more and more so that we are now able to be strongly present in the most various productive fields: from rubber moulding to agriculture, from building field to automotive market.

Our leading engine?

Without any doubt, it's the attention towards our Customers that has encouraged us to develop always new products, more and more compliant to Customer needs, also in niche market.

CENTER GOMMA products has been developed to be fully compliant to International Standards; thanks to decades of dedication in compounding, all CENTER GOMMA products are guaranteed for long lasting and highly constant performances.