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Ability to answer to Customer's requests, performances and convenient Quality/Price ratio: these are the reasons that has led CENTER GOMMA to first positions within National and International market.

Thanks to our Customers, who have always trusted in us, and to passion in our work, CENTER GOMMA has enlarged and differentiated its production , so that we are now strongly present in every rubber application fields.

Rubber Compound

CENTER GOMMA produces rubber compounds with hardness from 40 to 95 Shore, resistant to abrasion, ageing and compression.
From rubber compound creation to final product outcome, all...

Car and Motorbike mats

CENTER GOMMA also produces car and motorbike mats.
Unlike many other items produced for a similar use, our mats are, our mats are totally Made in Italy in our main facility in Jesi; starting from ...

Friction Cord

Our FRICTION CORD is an essential component of tires; fibers high strength and rubber elasticity make this compound a highly reinforcing element in tire structure ...

Eco Rubber Pallet

Thinking to numerous problems related to storage that each factory is called to deal with, it's born the first Rubber Pallet.
ECO RUBBER PALLET is the first CENTER GOMMA Patent and it's made...

Farm twine

Our twine is 100% polypropylene, completely Made in Italy and guaranteed for UVA Resistance.
Following sizes are always at Customer...